In order to limit warming to less than 1.5°C, significant and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions must be implemented by 2030. However, climate science indicates that the current national emission reduction targets and implementation will fall short of achieving the 1.5°C goal.

COP28 will be held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates from November 30, 2023, and there the participants will discuss how to strengthen global climate change measures in response to these warnings from science.

In this context, can ammonia co-firing with coal-fired power plants, which the Japanese government and companies are promoting as a "decarbonization technology" in Japan and abroad, be an effective emission reduction measure?

On the occasion of COP28, we summarized the issues with ammonia co-firing, as well as its potential domestic and international impacts.

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[Briefing Paper] Japan's Ammonia Co-firing Plans Threaten Paris Goals(PDF

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