Through our advocacy work, Kiko Network encourages the Japanese Government,  the Diet, and businesses to shift to renewable energy and improve energy efficiency. This includes the drafting and distribution of position statements and policy proposals for climate policy and related systems in Japan, and we also carry out original research in cooperation with experts and citizen’s organizations.

Climate/Energy Policy Proposals

Multiple scenarios show that significant GHG reduction is possible through increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy. We have created our mid- and long-term policy scenarios.

Strategic Energy Plan (in Japanese)
CFCs countermeasures (in Japanese)

Evaluating Party Policies

We follow trends in legislation to promote climate action and plans related to energy and climate change countermeasures, and analyze their effectiveness and challenges. We also evaluate and analyze the manifestos of each political party and present them to voters prior to the national election.

Evaluate and analyze the manifestos (in Japanese)

Promoting Information Disclosure and Data Analysis

We request the government to disclose data on energy use and GHG emissions, and analyze the data.

Analysis of Japan’s GHG Emissions (in Japanese)

Monitoring Company Activities

We monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations on GHG emissions from business activities.

Shareholder Proposals

Through shareholder proposals, we engage in dialogue with Japanese companies, including financial institutions, electric power providers, and trading companies, to demand climate action that consistent with the 1.5°C target.

Supporting Climate Litigation

Climate litigation that calls for governments and businesses to combat climate crises are increasing around the world. We support people who are trying to have a dialogue with the government or businesses through litigation from the standpoint of climate experts.