We have been engaging in activities at the global, national, and local level.

Building an International Framework

To avoid a climate crisis, we need to make an effort to limit global temperature rise to no more than 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels. Yet with current policies, temperature rise is set to above 1.5℃. We are working on building an international framework so that each country can strengthen climate policies and international cooperation.

Promoting climate actions in Japan

We encourage the Japanese government, the Diet, and businesses to promote energy-efficiency and shift to renewable energy through advocacy work such as opinion statements and policy proposals regarding climate policy and system in Japan.We also carry out individual research in cooperation with experts and citizen’s organizations.

Decarbonizing Communities, Building Capacity

As well as policy recommendation, we focus on creating model activities, capacity building and networking at the community level. We promote “climate action for revitalization of the community” by utilizing abundant local resources.