In addition to local policy recommendations, we focus on creating model activities, capacity building and networking at the community level. By utilizing abundant local resources, we promote “climate action for community revitalization”

Building Decarbonized Communities

  • Coordinating “Strategy sessions for Low- Carbon community building”
  • Supporting local governments to draw up plans, acts and visions
  • Supporting building citizens’-owned power plants

Building citizens’-owned power plants (in Japanese)
Study and research for local climate policies (in Japanese)

Capacity Building and Networking

  • Renewable energy school in Kyoto
  • Environmental protection seminars

Renewable Energy School (in Japanese)

Advising Local Governments on Environmental Policies, Conducting Trainings

We support local governments in formulating climate change countermeasures and energy-related plans and visions, coordinate environmental partnership organizations and regional councils on global warming countermeasures, and dispatch our staffs to councils and committees. We also dispatch lecturers to school, companies and citizen groups. Please feel free to contact us.

Supporting local governments to draw up plans, acts and visions (in Japanese)
Coordinating training and workshop, Dispatching lecturer (in Japanese)

Environmental Education

  • Children’s Eco-Life Challenge
  • Project Climate
  • Eco Kids Camp

Climate Change education for Children (in Japanese)
Children’s Eco-Life Challenge (in Japanese)