Photo by Karsten W?rth (@karsten.wuerth) on Unsplash

Kiko Network is a Japanese non-governmental, non-profit organization making (policy) proposals, disseminating information and carrying out various environmental activities from a citizen perspective.

We put together expert policy recommendations for climate change prevention, create strategies to tackle climate change at the community level (and beyond), and engage in environmental education and training. Through this, we aim to change not only the actions of individuals, but make our whole society ? our industries, economies, energy systems, lifestyles, regions etc. ? fair, peaceful, stable, and sustainable.

We also collaborate with countless organizations and sectors in a nation-wide network of environmental NGOs, NPOs and citizens who are also working to prevent global warming.

Our ultimate goals are to prevent climate change - a threat to the survival of our species - and to build a sustainable global society. To achieve this, we continue our activities in line with the following five missions.

  1. Building an international framework that reduces global greenhouse gas emissions to zero
  2. Establishing a mechanism for the realization of a zero-carbon society and economy in Japan
  3. Shifting to an energy system not dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear power
  4. Promoting decarbonization at the regional and communal levels through cooperation with citizens
  5. Creating a climate policy making process emphasizing information disclosure and citizen participation