<From “Kiko Network News” Vol.36, May 2004>

How much greenhouse effect would be caused by one Dust Blower Spray emitted into the atmosphere?
HFC134a, which is used in Dust Blower Sprays, is one of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) regulated in the Kyoto Protocol, and its greenhouse effect is 1300 times as powerful as that of CO2. In other words, using one spray of this dust blower (500g) is equivalent to emitting 650kg (0.5kg x 1300) of CO2 into the atmosphere, which means:
1 spray can = Per-capita CO2 emissions per average family×approx. 6 months!
= Per-capita electricity consumption per average family×approx.1year!
= Using 21-inch TV (4.5 hours a day)×approx. 22 years!

It's astonishing that such enormous amount of greenhouse gases may easily be emitted from a single spray can. It's not just a matter of a spray can at all. The effects of using spray products are big enough to nullify our daily efforts of saving energy at home.
Besides, Japan's annual total emissions of HFC by aerosol products ―such as spray cans― is up to 2.8 Mt-CO2, and it is amazing quantity that comparable to Iceland's annual total emissions of CO2.
It is obvious that sticking the knife into above situation is urgently needed for the prevention of global warming.
Moreover, it appears that a conversion of HFC134a to its new alternative material of HFC152a has been proceeding lately. But we must remember that this gas is also a greenhouse gas, which is as 140 times as powerful as CO2. That is, if converted to HFC152a, although its greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by approx. 90%, the spray's CO2 emissions would be equal to that of TV's operated for 2.2years. Therefore, we can't say that the problem will be solved essentially.
In any case, do we really need such a spray emitting dangerous gases? It's time for us to stop and think it over again.

[Data for estimation]:
●Japan's per capita CO2 emissions in fiscal 2001 was about 10.2 t-CO2, 13% of which was emitted only at home, and that means per-capita emissions of the year was 1,211 (kg-CO2). 650 (kg-CO2), emitted by a spray can, corresponds to its emissions of a half year.
●Per-capita overall electricity consumption per average family for fiscal 2001 was 696 (kg-CO2), which is equivalent to annual CO2 emissions caused by electricity.
●In the case of TV, 21-inch top selling model consuming 79kWh (used 4.5 hours a day) emits 30 (kg-CO2). CO2 emissions of a spray can is equivalent to that of this TV used for 22 years.

Japan's CO2 emissions: Inventory Office, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Japan' population and number of households: Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications