Mr. George W. Bush President of the United States of America

17 Feb,2002

Mr. George W. Bush
President of the United States of America

Mr. President,

We, Japanese environmental NGOs concerned about climate change, were terribly dismayed by your new climate change plan.

We think this plan cannot be an "alternative" to Kyoto Protocol because it would allow the current greenhouse gas emissions of the United States to increase by around 30% compared to 1990 level in 2010. It is not only against the Kyoto Protocol but also violates the United Nations Climate Change Convention which requires stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations to "a level that would prevent dangerous anthoropogenic interference with the climate system".

Therefore as global citizens, we demand of you, Mr. President, to reconsider your climate policy plan immediately and re-enter the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is the only existing international framework to prevent dangerous climate change.

The vast majority of the Japanese people strongly support the Kyoto Protocol and expect the United States to take serious action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to save our planet.

Yours sincerely,

Mie Asaoka, President
Kiko Network
Yurika Ayukawa
WWF Japan
Tetsunari Iida
Green Energy Law Network
Hanna Jongepier
Peace Boat
Masaaki Nakajima
FoE Japan
Mika Ohbayashi
Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies
Harumi Suda
Citizens Movement National Center