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My Departure and New Journey

Dear all,

Please allow me to use this blog space to discuss something personal and announce that today will be my final day at Kiko Network.

I joined Kiko Network from its start just after COP3 in 1998. Since then, I have spent almost half my life with Kiko Network, which has provided me a space to dedicate myself to the complex and multi-faceted issue of climate change. During this journey, I have met many people, talked with them, received encouragement and support from them, and learned from them. Through this work, I have grown both professionally and personally.

The position of NGOs in Japan has grown stronger over the last few decades, but many challenges still remain. In light of the scale of this issue, social awareness, public participation and support are still not sufficient. Nevertheless, even with limited capacity, we have been able to achieve a great deal and gain many new insights through the wisdom and efforts of our supporters and collaborators. Being awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2021 is proof of the power of our network.

We are now facing an unprecedented climate crisis, and in this critical moment the role of Kiko Network as a Japanese NGO is more crucial than ever. I’m confident that Mie Asaoka and my colleagues at Kiko Network will continue to work hard to tackle these immense challenges. Please continue to support us and our work; I will continue to do so as a Board Member, too.

Now, I will take a new step and once again challenge what I believe I can do. I will continue to be closely engaged with civil society and climate work, and I hope that we will walk forward together in overcoming these challenges of our time, affirming our belief that change is possible.

To follow me on my next steps, please find me on LinkedIn or my Twitter (@kimikohirata).

Thank you all.

Kimiko Hirata